Amelia moore is Yugo Moore's (the main protagonist of the series) older sister. Her and yugo are very close, and she is very protective over him. though she is smaller than him by two and a half inches, he still sees her bigger than him. She is popular wiht boys and often gets a boy home with her. She is also popular in general, in school, though she is in her last year. throughout most o the serries she is not awear of the supernatural part of the world. but after seeing her younger brother wolf out infront of her, when he is forced to by werewolf hunters, and also looking at his tracks in the snow and seeing them gradually turning into wolf poor prints. But that still doesn't effect their relationship, and they are as close as allways...

Name Amelia Last name Moore
First appearance High scool (first chapter)
born 5th of july1995 Clatsop coast Oregon

Amelia (by Siselia moore)

Amy (by Yugo Moore)

Gender Female
Skin color pale white
hair color Blonde
eye color blue
species human

Siselia Moore (mum)

Tomas Jeffrey (dad)

Yugo Moore (brother)

Terry King (uncle)

Molly Moore (aunt)

Leila moore (maternal grandmother)

Samuel moore (maternal grandfather)

Morris Jeffrey (paternal grandfather)

Josephine Jeffrey (paternal grandfather)

Mitchell King (cousin)


5ft 4 1/2

After seeing her brother wolf out and being attacked by hunters she decides to help her little brother by begging him to bite her, but he refuses as he says she doesn't want to be like him. As she would lose her friends and be constantly hunted by hunters. So after his refusal Amelia decides to help him in another way by taking on sorcery. After four months of training she finally performs her first spell, which is creating a firball in her right palm. After that she demands the right to know where he is sneaking off to at midnight. Yugo has no attempt in hiding it and tells her about the pack. And how Mitchell is a werewolf too, but she must keep every thing secret. She swears she will and then becomes more committed to becoming a sorcerer than ever in an attempt to save sher little brother and her cousin. She later meets the rest of the pack and falls in love with Warren, they end up dating, and she becomes more attached to the pack. Though not one of them.