Mitchell is the first to join Warren Luna in the Luna pack, followed by his cousin Yugo Moore. Unlike his cousin, Mitchell transforms into an arctic wolf rather than a grey wolf. But there is something to do with there families gene, that enables them to run faster than any other werewolf. Mitchell is the fastest in the pack, by quite a bit and he is faster than Yugo, and yugo is faster than the rest of the pack. But it is not just that, Yugo has good stamina, which is also to do with running. Mitchel is the Beta, or second in command of the Luna pack, whilst Yugo is the Delt or thrid in command of the pack. Mitchell has had a few girlfriends, and in this picture Mitchell is giving his girlfriend Angelina her birthday present (a car). You cant see Yugo, but he's in the passenger seat next to Mitchell. Mitchell and Yugo see each other as brothers, though they hadn't seen eachother since Mitchell was 6 and Yugo was 4 (so its been ten years) before the series had begun. But Now that Mitchell has come to live with the Moores there relationship has become alot closer, and now since they are practically brothers as they are in the same pack.  (well after Warren turned Yugo into one of his when Harris was killed.)

Name Mitchell last name King
Born 1st of December 1996 Alaska

Mitch (by Angelina and Amelia)

Betaboy (by Yugo)

Gender Male
Skin colour pale white
hair colour dark blonde
eye colour brown




Warren Luna


Terry King (dad)

Molly Moore (Mum)

Siselia Moore (aunt)

Tomas Jeffrey (uncle)

Leila Moore (maternal grandmother)

Samuel Moore (maternal Grandfather)

Melissa King (paternal grandmother)

Patrick King (paternal grandfather)

Yugo Moore (cousin, Delta)

Amelia Moore (cousin)

Warren Luna ( Alpha)

Riley Green (sentinel)

Lilou Mears (second sentinel)

Elisha Clarke (hunter)

Cameron Phillips (scout)

Carly Jackson (2nd hunter)



Normal werewolf abilites 

super speed

wolf form descriptions

black coat

Blue eyes

Mitchell is the second strongest in the whole of the Luna pack. But is by far the fastest. he can control up to second form as he has only been a werewolf for three months. 

Here are his three form stages...

This is Mitchells first form

 This is mitchells 2nd form, can only control up to this form  (in the first book) the third form is to hard to control. but in the second he learns how to.

This is his third form, up until book two he cant control this form...

Unlike most werewolve mitchell is five 5'5 in height on all fours, meaning he is an inch taller on all fours than the average third from werewolf. Mitchell is a very talented werewolf and is learning very quickly. But before he can become an aknowledeged werewolf he must go to Lycan city and consult the royal Lycan council.