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Yugo Moore

Yugo Moore is the main protagonist of the book series, Luna. At the beginning of the books he is a human, but is turned into a werewolf a soon as the seventh chapter, by an evil werewolf known as Harris. At the beginning he calls the power a curse, and that he'd rather be human, and normal. But after a month of arguments with his werewolf cousin Mitchell King, he accepts his powers but only if he uses them to help people and not kill and devour them. So now with his new powers he unwillingly joins, Warren Luna, Mitchell's were wolf leader, or a gralpha, as they are still not a pack. But without training he cannot control his powers, and will only transfrom on the full moon, and when he does, he has no control over what he does and he goes around killing the people of his town. So he is forced to take the training off Warren in order to not kill his loved ones.

Name Yugo Lastname Moore
First appearance High school (first chapter) Infrector Harris
Born 2nd of may 1998 Clatsop coast Oregon

Mr wolf (by Cameron philips

Little Gogo (by Amelia Moore)

Gender male
Skin colour Olive
hair colour blonde
eye colour Hazel

Human (up until chapter 7 book 1)



Siselia Moore (mum)

Tomas Jeffrey (dad)

Amelia Moore (sister)

Terry King (uncle)

Molly Moore (aunt)

Leila moore (maternalgrandmother)

Samuel Moore (maternal grandfather)

Morris Jeffrey (paternal grandfather)

Josephine Jeffrey (paternal grandmother)

Mitchell King (cousin, Beta)

Warren Luna (Pack leader)

Riley green (pack sentinel/ book two)

Lilou mears (2nd sentinel)

Elisha Clarke (hunter)

Cameron Phillips (scout)

Carly jackson (2nd hunter)


5ft 7 (170cm book 1)

5ft 9 (175 cm book 3)

5ft 10 (177 cm book 4

6ft 2 (185cm book 6)

6 ft 3 (187 cm book 8)


Unimployed (up until book three)

babysitter (book three)

special abilities

normal werewolf abilities (up until book two)

very high stamina (book two and onwards)

wolf form descriptions

extremely large for a wolf who is not apha

silvery grey and white fur

navy blue eyes


The Luna pack

The royal lycans


transforming into first form werewolf

Yugo let alone has the problems of high school, but he also has the problem of becoming a werewolf and training, and so he often has to not go to school to fit a day of training in with Warren. Meaning that him and his best friend Cameron Phillips relationship is starting to thin as they rarely ever see eachother. Before he became a werewolf, he was a bit of a nerd and not very popular, but afterwards he becomes increasingly athletic (the side affects of becoming a werewolf) and is now his age groups soccer teams best player. So eventually he comes to liking his powers as he now catches the girls interest, which he had never had before. But becoming a werewolf is extremely painful as you can   imagine all the bone breaking and then fixing back into place to shift into the wolves bone stucture. So the werewolves have come up with a way, to make the transformation less painful. What they did is broke it into stages, which are called form one (which is the more human side of the transformation) Form two (which is in the middle) and form three which is the full wolf form. The transformation up above is what it would be like to transform into form one.

Here is Yugo's first, second, and third forms...


Form one

As you can see the form is practically a complete human. But there are some slight changes in what they look like such as the thickening of nose at the top as it goes into the eyes. They also grow sharp canines and sharp claws. Their eyes shift into the eye colours of there wolves. They also can run on all fours like a wolf can, and finally the wolf abilities sharpen such as really good hearing, strength, speed, agility, smelling, and sight. By sight, I mean its in black and white, but still werewolves can see extremely well. Which is very useful, this is the weakest of all forms. Allthough the power of there human form has doubled.

Werewolf on top of a admiral by grey werewolf-d2zbjxo

Second form

As you can see it looks substantially like a wolf. Allthough it does, this form can still run around on two feet and four feet and still has human hands and feet through they have the pads of a wolf and they have claws and are covered with fur. In this form the strength in the previous form doubles, so it is now four times as strong as there human form. The difference between this form and the last form are farely obvious, as this form has a huge amount of muscle increase but they are still human muscles apart from the legs, so yet again this is the middle form between the two others. The wolf head has now formed and the ears have gone into a wolves. This is the easiest form to fight in as you can still grab and throw punches. So it is better than the last form in a way.


Third form

This is Yugo's third form. As you can see the back legs look seemingly smaller than the front legs. But that is not how the werewolf actually looks. Normally the back half is much taller. But I couldn't find a decent picture that had a high behind, so I decided that this was Yugo in mid transformtion to third form. Normally it would look like an over sized wolf but with a shorter tail and five pads at the bottom of the paw, unlike the usual wolf that has four. This form is the final and most powerful stage of the transfromation. Normally this form is 5'4 ft in height (on all fours), which is double the normal wolves height, 2'8 and is also about three metres in length. Also the third form tends to have smaller ears and a snout than a normal wolf. In this they fight like a wolf with there mouth, but still have some human fighting features, like they use there paws more than a normal wolf does.

Obviously they cant really break use the forms up under the influence of the full moon, and just do one long and painful transformation. That is the disadvantage of using the moon, to transform. They don't have to break the transformation up, but it makes it less painful, but much longer. Normally the transformation would take three minutes max from the beginning till end without the forms, under the inflience of the moon. But if they have controlled the power like Warren luna, they can transform quickly, and can take up to twenty seconds max to transfrom.

The Luna pack



Warren Luna


Mitchell king

Alpha: Warren Luna         

Beta: Mitchell King

Handsome with Medium Messy Haircut for Young Boy from Mitch Hewer

Yugo Moore

Delta: Yugo Moore


Riley Green

Sentinel: Riley Green


Lilou Mears

2nd sentinel: Lilou Mears


Elisha Clarke

Hunter: Elisha Clarke


Cameron Phillips

Scout: Cameron Phillips


Carly jackson

2nd Hunter: Carly Jackson